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How to design floating floors with floor joist isolators?

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Noise pollution has become more and more serious with acceleration of urbanization and the continuous increase of population density. On the contrary, people have higher and higher requirements for the sound insulation effect of residential and office environments. U-boat floor floaters for sound isolation were born for this. U boat rigging isolator, as an indispensable element of floating floors, play a significant role in the field of sound insulation and vibration resistance.


Here is the content list:

  • What is the significance of floor joist isolators for floating floors?

  • What features do floor joist isolators bring to floating floors?

  • What are the precautions before floor joist isolators construction?


What is the significance of floor joist isolators for floating floors?

With the acceleration of the pace of urban modernization, not only super-large cities, but also small and medium-sized cities have gradually emerged batches of super high-rise buildings with landmark significance.

As super high-rise buildings have relatively high floors, it is inevitable to install some equipment with high vibration and noise in the middle floors of the buildings. The use of floor joist isolators can reduce the vibration and noise pollution caused by them, and to a certain extent guarantee the normal use of the office or living floors of the owners of adjacent floors.

Therefore, it is an indispensable link to fully consider the use of floor joist isolators for floating floor during the design and construction stages. Only when the design stage pays attention to the use of floor joist isolators to reduce the noise problem, and the strict quality control in the construction stage, can we achieve the smallest investment and minimize the noise impact.

If you ignore the floor joist isolators, after the floor is put into use, to correct the noise problem, it often requires several times of manpower and financial resources, and the noise reduction effect of U-boat floor floaters for sound isolation can only be alleviated but not completely eliminated.


What features do floor joist isolators bring to floating floors?

Floating floors using floor joist isolators have good shock absorption and sound insulation effect, and are the preferred anti-noise measures for the installation of modern office, star hotels and other construction.

Floating floor is composed of floor joist isolators laid on the building structure floor, elastic layer composed of steel plate, and floating layer poured by reinforced concrete. Among them, the floor joist isolators on the floating structure can minimize and isolate the vibration and noise transmission pollution on the building structure. Its effects are as follows:

  • Enhance efficiency

Floor joist isolators help to participate in the formulation of standards for noise and vibration control of floating floors. On-site sound insulation efficiency is a measure of the floating floor in reducing vibration and noise. The higher the sound insulation efficiency, the higher the effectiveness of reducing noise transmission.

  • Reduce noise transmission

The floor joist isolators floating structure is adopted in the equipment floor for vibration isolation and sound insulation, which can greatly reduce the transmission of high, medium and low frequency noise generated by the power equipment to the downstairs and surrounding areas.

The power pipelines are all supported on the floating layer, which can isolate the transmission of the pipeline medium flow noise to the downstairs and the surroundings. In some projects, in order to further isolate the transmission of vibration low-frequency energy, rubber spring vibration isolation hangers can be added.

  • Eliminate equipment impact

Floor joist isolators can ensure that when the equipment is overhauled in the future, there will be no obvious vibration and noise pollution to the downstairs on the condition that the equipment is moved and disassembled.


What are the precautions before floor joist isolators construction?

To use floor joist isolators for floating floors construction, the key point is to deal with the waterproof nodes at important parts such as floor drains, pipe supports, external partition walls and partition walls.

The user should repair all cracks and clean up any residues before construction, and do waterproofing after cleaning. Special attention should be paid to the flatness of the ground where the floor joist isolators are placed, and if necessary, use instruments to measure and control accuracy errors.

Before the construction of the floating floor, the wall or the vertical interval including the door frame, the boundary of the floating floor and any protrusions should be glued and pressed firmly. Due to the different loads on different building floors, the distribution of floor joist isolators is also different.

According to the drawings, the ink lines should be laid out on the ground to be divided and arranged, and the position error should not exceed the established standard. If the drawing does not conform to the construction site, the engineering stuffs must promptly communicate and coordinate with floor joist isolators floating floor designer.


The appearance of floor joist isolators effectively reduces the impact of noise and vibration sources on the use of buildings in super high-rise buildings. QINGDAO GOFAI RUBBER & PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD provides more installation knowledge and successful customer cases about epdm rubber u-boat floor floaters. You can browse our website to get inspiration. We welcome you at any time, whether you want to discuss u boat rigging isolator with us or buy our soundproof and anti-vibration products.