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Boots and Bellows

  • Nature Rubber Dust Cover for Auto Parts
    Qingdao Gofai Rubber produce various rubber sleeve/rubber dust cover /tubber tube for auto parts. Shape is customzied. Size is customized too. Material is nature rubber/silicone rubber/nitrile rubber/EPDM, etc
  • Auto Suspension Parts Customize Stabilizer Shaft Rubber Bush
    Auto Suspension Parts Customize Stabilizer Shaft Rubber Bush for Toyota 48815-14140 shock absorber
    We produce OEM Suspension Bushings for Isuzu, Toyota, Ford, VW, Nissan, BPW, VOLVO, SCANIA, Hino, Land Rover, MITSUBISHI, HYUNDAI, ect...
    Produce as same original size and can be matcehd the stabilizer bar perfectly.
    Shock absorber.
  • Motorcycle Disc Brake Lower Pump Rubber Dust Cover
    1`Due to the long use time and the aging of the rubber ring, it is caused by the unstable operation of the lower pump and the deviation of the brake. It is recommended to replace once a year, the operation is simple, and the rubber can be replaced directly without removing the pump.
    2`High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-aging.Suitable for automobile and motorcycle brake pump
  • Boots And Bellows
    Rubber bellows and boots can be sourced as off-the-shelf or custom designs. Rubber bellows have versatile functions as “dust boots” or seals, used to seal out dust and other light-duty environmental factors while allowing a specific stroke or predetermined range of motion. They are quite common in industrial and automotive applications.
  • Car Accessories Customized Water Intercooler Radiator Rubber Hoses
    EPDM Water Intercooler Silicone moulded radiator rubber hoses for the automotive
    EPDM rubber hose is suitable for various industrial and agricultural water pipes, air pipes, heat-resistant steam hoses, chemical-resistant hoses, and aging-resistant hoses. It has excellent anti-aging performance and chemical stability performance, especially suitable for outdoor anti-sun aging, has good resistance to ultraviolet rays and ozone, and has very stable performance to chemicals. Wide range of use, stable and reliable quality
    Structure/Material: Clamping tube: (inner rubber + fiber fabric reinforcement layer + outer rubber) full rubber hose: (outer rubber layer)
    1. Inner rubber: EPDM rubber with air tightness resistance
    2. Outer rubber: EPDM anti-aging rubber
    3. Middle reinforcement layer: high-strength polyester fiber thread braided reinforcement structure.
  • Customize Dustproof Molded Rubber Bushing Bellows Dust Cover
    Customize Car NBR Dustproof Molded Rubber Tube Flexible Bellows Rubber Connector Rubber Bushing Bellows
    Rubber Bellows are used as a cover or expansion joint to protect device or machines, which are made by rubber compression molding, rubber injection mold or extrusion tool.
    Rubber Bellows are designed as a cover mainly protect against dust, water, oil, grease, acids, bleaches, spatter or other environment elements.

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