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Flooring Spacers

  • Press Plastic Expansion Rivet Nylon Snap Rivet for Cars / PCB Board Nylon Fastening Fastener
    Product name: Press Plastic Expansion Rivet Nylon Snap Rivet for Cars / PCB Board Nylon Fastening Fastener
    Material: Nylon
    Color: Black/etc
    Size: 3/3.5/4/5/6
    Usage: Metal hole
  • PC Fans Rubber Mount Rubber Dampening Screw Rivets
    Noise Reduction Custom PC Case Cooling Fan Rubber Mount Rubber Dampening Case Flexible Anti Vibration Silicone Rubber Screw Rivets
    1. Product use: fixed cooling fans of various sizes of chassis

    2. Material: natural rubber hardness 43A (this model is very flexible, will not be easily broken, the destructive force is above 8KG, and the installation is also easy, the retention force after installation is above 4.5KG)

    3. This shock-absorbing nail is only suitable for double-port fans, not for single-port fans. Fan hole size range is 3.3mm. Chassis hole size range is 3.3mm

    4. Description: A more advanced way to fix the chassis fan, it will not have traces like the chassis screws, and the biggest feature is flexibility, which can isolate the chassis resonance caused by the fan operation, and can also reduce the chassis noise. Repeatedly. Long service life, the way that servers like IBM love! It is suitable for DIYers who have higher requirements for quality.

    5. Introduction: The shock-absorbing nail is a shock-absorbing device that uses the elasticity and attenuation of rubber. It consumes the energy during load vibration by generating lateral and vertical deformation, so as to eliminate stress from two directions to the greatest extent and slow down the generation of fans during operation. vibration, isolate the resonance of the chassis, and reduce the overall noise.
  • Screw Silicone Rubber Hole Plug Thread End Cap
    Custom Anti Dust Screw Silicone Rubber Hole Plug Rubber Stopper End Cap Rubber Bumper Thread Rubber Push in Stem Bumper
    ★ Food Grade Silicone ★ Our airlock stopper is made from the food grade silicone.It features a healthier/ environmental/anti-corrosion/heat resistant/waterproof/high wear resistance

    ★ Provide A Tight Seal ★ With the use of silicone plugs on airlock for the beer fermentation can be carried out a good isolation of the air ; for honey, white wine, milk alcohol fermentation can Prevent oxidation

    ★ Great For Kinds Of Airlocks ★ This airlock plug is perfect for the common fermentation airlocks and the counter pressure bottle filler. Silicone stoppers have a various diameter sizes to fit any vesse

    ★ Great For Kinds Of Carboy ★ This silicone stopper is fitted for carboy & bubble airlock & glass fermenter. We have marked the dimensions of each model on photo

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Waterproof Breathable IP67 IP68 EPTFE Vent Membrane
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