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Rubber Joist Isolator Clip

  • Chinese Supplier of Cable Isolator for Suspended Ceiling
    Cable Isolators are designed to provide acoustical isolation of suspended ceiling systems. Rubber mounts differ from spring mounts because the natural frequency is a function not only of the deflection but also of the rubber hardness. This deflection and rubber hardness provided optimal isolation of transferring noise energy. Easy installation (new or existing systems)
    Isolates the ceiling system from the structure to reduce structure-borne noise
    Does not reduce the load capacity of the ceiling system
    For more,please contact with Ms.Kathy Zhao
  • Soundproofing Floating Floor Acoustic Rubber Sound Isolation Block
    Sport and Gym Floating Floor acoustic soundproofing Vibration Isolation Rubber sound isolation Block Floor Floater The rubber vibration isolator is made of rubber through high temperature vulcanization molding. It is mainly used for vibration isolation of power equipment, massage bathtubs and floating structures. The upper end is concave and convex, which can increase friction and increase damping. Compare and reduce the natural frequency. The product is resistant to alkali, acid, oil, corrosion, mildew, moisture, flame, and aging. The temperature range is -20 ~ 90 ° C, the damping ratio is ≥0.08, and the vibration and sound insulation effects are good (the floating layer is reduced below) Vibrator spacing is generally 400 ~ 1000mm)
  • Floating Floor Rubber Damper Shock Absorber Acoustic Sheet
    Floating Floor acoustic soundproofing Anti Vibration Rubber Damper Shock Absorber sound isolation Block Floor Floater 1. Inverted cone design: each inverted cone is hollowed out in the middle to form a semicircular cavity to increase flexibility during work. 2. It is made of vulcanized rubber, with 1-2 layers of nylon sandwiched in the middle of the plate, and melted into one body by hot melt during the vulcanization process, with high strength and integrated. 3. The convex grid line design is more anti-skid and shock absorption. 4. Floating Floor Rubber Damper Shock Absorber Acoustic Sheet ,Any splicing, easy to install.
  • Acoustic Rubber Joist Vibration Isolating U-boat Floor Floaters
    sport and gym floating floor acoustic vibration isolating u boat floor floaters Rubber Joist sound isolation clips * Made of a specially-formulated, vibration-isolating rubber. * Help improve transmission loss (isolation). * Use U-Boats with Sheet Blok to ensure good isolation. * Molded to fit around the edge of a 2'x4'.
  • Spring Vibration Isolator Rubber Shock Abosorer for Floor
    Spring Vibration Isolator Rubber Shock Abosorer for Floor
    1. Vibration isolation and sound insulation. The low frequency of the spring and the large damping characteristics of the damping pad can isolate both low-frequency vibration and low-frequency noise.
    2. Easy installation. The shock absorber is evenly placed on the flat ground (generally a gap of 600-800mm), the middle is filled with sound-absorbing cotton, and the panel, waterproof layer, concrete floating layer, and floor are placed in that order.
    3. Long service life. Strong and durable, the same life as the building structure.
    4. Innovative design. The air in the bottom recess expands and compresses, increasing the damping, and also plays a good role in sound insulation.
  • U-Boat Floor Floaters For Isolating And Decoupling The Floor
    Size: 2-1/8" wide x 1-1/2" high x 2" long Thickness: sides - 5/16"; base - 1/2" Color: Black A specially-formulated rubber compound for strength and durability. Improved transmission loss (or isolation). Low-frequency definition. Easy installation.

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