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How to install sound isolation clip?

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How to install sound isolation clip?

For architects, contractors, homeowners, and apartment residents, harmful noise is a growing concern. The purpose of structural sound isolation clip is to eliminate the sound transmitted from the gypsum board to the steel nails and then to the other side. It can be said that the building acoustic clip cuts off the path of noise propagation and gives residents a peaceful environment.


Here is the content list:

  • What problems are sound isolation clips used to solve?

  • How to carry out the installation layout of sound isolation clip?

  • What are the references for installing sound isolation clip?


What problems are sound isolation clips used to solve?

Generally, walls or ceilings are constructed by installing stud frames decorated with gypsum board. Although this is acceptable for most single house or single-family applications. However, using this method allows the sound to be easily transmitted between rooms.

However, for apartments, offices or theaters, it may be a problem. You can use the sound isolation clip to fix between the steel studs and the bifurcated channel, which can significantly reduce the sound between the room or the floor.


How to carry out the installation layout of sound isolation clip?

Standard mode is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to install sound isolation clip. The staggered sound isolation clip layout mode is slightly more complicated but used more often.

However, all laboratory tests performed with structural sound isolation clip use a staggered layout. Field tests have shown that for some residential noise, the sound isolation clip with staggered layout has a better mitigation effect.

  • Standard layout

We recommend that you install the sound isolation clip every few inches on the advanced surface of the material. For the interior, we recommend reducing the fixed separation distance to place the sound isolation clip to, allow the installation of skirting and increase stability.

In addition, the maximum length of the sound isolation clip line in the center of the double-layer drywall is greater than that of the three-layer drywall.

  • Staggered layout

The technical feature of this layout is that the sound isolation clip of each subsequent row will be offset by a certain inch to the left of the previous row. One of the advantages of the staggered layout of sound isolation clip is to achieve a balanced weight distribution by dividing the number evenly on the frame. To ceilings with relatively weak weight bearing capacity, this layout is the first choice.


What are the references for installing sound isolation clip?

We recommend installing the sound isolation clip before starting any work on the wall. After installing ceiling drywalls, fill the gap between ceiling drywall and the wall frame. This can reduce transmission of sound and form a fire-stop function just in case.

Due to the strength of the sound isolation clip, the installation of screws will be hindered, and proper layout planning should be carried out before installation. The screws used to fix the drywall can only enter the capped channel. The length of drywall screws should not penetrate the sound isolation clip or frame.

For the sound isolation clip installed on the floor mezzanine, it should be installed within a few inches of the finished product to fix the skirting and increase stability. Before fixing the skirting board, apply a proper amount of caulking glue on the back of the skirting board, which will help improve the fixing strength of the veneer nails.

We recommend using chalk lines to arrange sound isolation clip faster and more accurately. Another option is to mark the appropriate sound isolation clip spacing on one side of the channel. Set the channel next to the stud that will receive the sound isolation clip, and use the mark on that channel as a simple guide to show how far each sound isolation clip is installed on that stud.


The structural sound isolation clip can eliminate the transmission of sound through the gap and establish a flexible connection between adjacent walls or floors. QINGDAO GOFAI RUBBER & PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD is happy to see that our noise reducing sound isolation clip research results and products are used in various occasions and contribute to people's comfortable life. If you want to inquire more about sound isolation clip, please visit our website more.



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