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Is light gage steel joist convenient for construction?

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Light gage steel joist is widely used because of its convenient installation and superior strength. However, sometimes the wall or ceiling where the high strength light gage steel joist is installed may crack and cause trouble to the residents. To prevent the wall from cracking, effective treatment during the construction of light gauge steel framing is very important. If the engineering staffs do not pay attention to this, it will cause cracks to occur continuously.


Here is the content list:

l Why does light gage steel joist have such a broad application?

l What problems will happen if light gage steel joist is improperly constructed?

l What is the prospect of light gage steel joist market?


Why does light gage steel joist have such a broad application?

With the rapid development of my country's construction industry, engineers who construct public buildings pay more and more attention to the performance of high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection.

The shockproof light gage steel joist system partition wall has many advantages such as light weight, fire protection, sound insulation, shock absorption, high overall strength, economy, environmental protection, energy saving, space saving, and its application becomes more popular in commercial, industrial, and government occasions.

In the past ten years, light gage steel joist system partition walls have also been widely used in the inner partition walls of the building envelope. Because the outer protective structure of the curtain wall generally has sealing and thermal insulation measures, the inner partition wall can be regarded as an indoor wall.

However, when the light gage steel joist system partition wall is applied to the inner side of the building envelope, it is different from the general indoor partition wall. The drywall furring channel often needs to be considered in the design of the curtain wall maintenance structure, especially in the heat preservation, energy saving, fire protection, sound isolation and other aspects.


What problems will happen if light gage steel joist is improperly constructed?

Because light gage steel joist wall or ceiling mounted often bears other structures, it is actually in a state of non-uniform force and multi-point force. As time goes by, it is inevitable that some obvious deformation will occur, which will cause a variety of stresses at the joints. If light gage steel joist engineers do not consider these factors when constructing, the problems will be unavoidable.

l Wall deformation

As the winter is coming, when it turns form warm to cold weather, if there are not enough gaps when installing the light gage steel joist, due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the wall may deform and crack due to temperature and humidity.

l Weak connection

The reason for the weak connection of the light gage steel joist is that some of the nodes do not meet the structural requirements, or the engineers did not strictly follow the regulations when installing the light gage steel joist.

l Unreasonable design

Whether the design of light gage steel joist is reasonable or not is generally not related to the environment and engineering personnel, but it is closely related to the quality of construction. The use of qualified light gage steel joist materials to improve the quality of construction can ensure that the wall remains beautiful and complete after completion.


What is the prospect of light gage steel joist market?

People have higher and higher requirements for building decoration, and one of the key points is the environmental protection of materials. Therefore, for the future construction industry, the market demand for green building materials will inevitably expand further. As a typical environmentally friendly material, the wide application of light gage steel joist is highly anticipated.

First, the new type of light gage steel joist has changed the construction method of the old-fashioned wooden keel, which fundamentally saves decoration costs and shortens the construction period.

In particular, the countryside construction clearly puts forward requirements for building materials and must comply with energy-saving standards, which is also the place for the future development of furring channel.

Second, widely used light gage steel joist is not only suitable for all kinds of suspended ceilings, but can also be used as partition walls, which plays a very important role in many buildings.

The use of light steel keel partition walls is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost savings. In addition, the construction method of light steel keel is more convenient, so it is deeply loved by consumers.


Under the dual blessing of policy and demand, the bright market prospect of light gage steel joist is obvious. In the future, the demand for light gauge steel framing will inevitably increase sharply. QINGDAO GOFAI RUBBER & PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD, as a professional manufacturer of drywall furring channel, grasps the latest industry trends and sincerely invites partners to build together.