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Plastic Plugs and Fasteners Nuts

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Sockets for Square head bolts


     The ability to quickly manage small and big requirements, thanks to a warehouse always well equipped, makes GOFAI rubber a point of reference for the supply of plastic plugs and fasteners.

      The strong point is the website:, designed basing on the product applications. Through the website it is possible to ask for free samples, offers and to download PDF catalogues of the following categories:

- Plugs for holes: parallel protection plugs, tapered protection plugs, PVC and/or nylon blanking plugs;

- Plugs for threaded protections: male and female threads;

- Protection and ending pipes: round-rectangular-square-oval inserts, soft end caps, PVC moulded ferrules, extruded tubes;

- Pipe accessories: adjustable feet, tube connectors, cable ducts for desk;

- Flange protections: protectors and adhesive discs;

- Temperature resistant plugs: for low, medium and high temperatures;

- Nylon fasteners: screws, nuts, washers, spacers, set screws, nut and bolt protection caps;

- Assembly parts: rivets, arrow clips, fasteners, assembly clips, push binder screws, grommet nuts, ties;

- Packaging protections: U/L/O foam profiles and elastic tubular nets;


       Not only standard items are managed by GOFAI, but the company can also manufacture products starting from the customer drawing, for small batches.

        Rubber plugs are foils of rubber that are given different shapes depending upon its various uses. Rubber plugs are mostly used for different equipment that needs its joins and edges to be covered. Some of them are designed for covering over the tin or iron wires that are a part of a machinery to intake the wiring and attach different tin foils together. Rubber plugs are found in different types, some of them are mentioned below:

1) Rubber plus plugs

The rubber plus plug is designed with a 360° projection or tug tab, making them useful in the manufacturing processes as well as shipping. Manufacturing processes use these kinds of plugs for manufacturing products by putting rubber plus plugs in their equipment to work smoothly. Mostly rubber plugs hold the small parts of the equipment together to keep them from falling off. These types of plugs are often re-used.

2) Rubber T-plugs

The rubber t-plugs are typically tapered to allow insertion into tubing ends, ports and threads, protecting the product during shipping and storage. They are mostly used when packing different equipment for shipping. Mostly when products that are to be handled with care are shipped in proper packing. While some parts are preferred to be placed in a thermopile packing while some hollow parts of the equipment are better packed using rubber T-plugs.

3) Rubber washer plugs

The rubber washer plug acts much like a rubber t-plug but also mask the area surrounding the hole. Often used in paint, powder coating, and plating. Usually made from high temperature rated rubber, allowing them to be re-used. They are used for the same purpose as rubber T-plugs but the difference lies in their packing way. They cover the edges and sides of the hollowed materials they are covered with.

4) Electrical connector plugs

The electrical connector plug is most often used to protect female threaded electrical connectors from oxygen, moisture and dust. As there are different types of electrical connectors having different shapes and purposes. There are different types of coverings in which they are protected and are safely shipped to places far away.

The female electrical connector has metal legs that need to be protected as they are responsible for passing electricity through. That’s why electrical connectors are placed in rubber plugs which have places to hold them.

5) Custom rubber plugs

Custom rubber plugs are designed to meet application specific requirements such as temperature extremes, harsh chemical interactions, high pressures, or applications requiring material certifications. Mostly when chemicals are packed they are packed in rubber plugs

         GOFAI rubber offers the best solutions in the field of plastic closure caps at lower prices.

         The wide range of products we provide our customers with can be found in our catalogue. Thanks to our experience in the field of plastic closures, our company can offer you a number of solutions, which range from thread protection devices to sealing plug for the hydraulic field, also including protection plugs for bolts, pipe end closures, flange protectors, ribbed inserts for round-square-rectangular and oval tubes, high temperature caps and plugs, scaffold protections, plastic covers, plastic closure caps and many others.

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