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How does sound isolation clip protect your ears?

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In noisy private and public places, the demand for quietness and peace is increasing, which increases the demand for sound insulation clips. Our exclusive soundproof clip can absorb and eliminate background sounds and echoes, and improve the sound quality of the room. We have a variety of colors, sizes and types of sound insulation clips for you to choose from to meet your unique durability, design and budget requirements.

We are going to introduce how does sound isolation clip prevent you from noises.

The following principles to protect you away from noise:



Increasing mass

(1)    Decoupling

When the contact surface area between the two sides of the structure is larger, the vibration is easily transmitted and heard on the other side. By reducing the contact surface area, sound waves pass through fewer areas or paths, and are reduced when they reach the other side of the wall or floor.

Decoupling separates the structure (that is, drywall and wall studs or ceiling joists) so that they vibrate independently of each other, thereby reducing the vibration transmission of sound. Minimal contact will significantly reduce the transmission of sound, and the use of sound insulation clips, flexible channels, double studs or staggered stud frames are different ways to decouple the wall or ceiling.

One of the most effective decoupling techniques is to use soundproof clips or sound isolation clips installed between the studs and the bifurcated channel to break the structure and decompose the sound before it reaches the next room. Sound insulation clip is the perfect solution for this technology, because the unique sound chamber design in the thermoplastic rubber part of the clip absorbs the vibration transmitted by the structure. This is due to its strong column design, which makes the contact surface area with the structure small or fixed the substrate on it.

Using this simple method of sound insulation clips proved to be efficient and inexpensive.


(2)    Damping

Damping is used to disperse vibration energy, make it accumulate and emit sound.

The interior of the wall or ceiling assembly is a method of damping the wall or ceiling and soundproofing the room. By providing a soft but tuned isolation between the source and the structure to cut off the vibration energy, thereby reducing noise.

Vibration reduction is one of the most economical and effective ways to reduce low-frequency solid noise.

You can use shock absorption clips to achieve sound insulation.


(3)    Increasing mass

Quality involves making the wall structure as heavy as possible. A heavier diaphragm with a larger mass is difficult to vibrate, and a lighter diaphragm is prone to vibrate, so adding more layers on either side of the wall and increasing the mass of the component will make the sound vibration less.

Adding two layers of 16mm drywall is one of the most common and cheapest solutions to increase the quality of the wall. The increase in quality will help the transmission of low-frequency, mid-frequency and high-frequency sound, and lead to a significant improvement in sound insulation. You can use wall sound insulating clips to increase and fix the wall.


The uniquely made high-quality soundproof clip can be installed in the studio, practice room, office or reception hall. The sound-proof clip has unlimited style options and is versatile enough to adapt to different ceilings and walls. The soundproof clip will complement the decoration of your room while also solving the noise problem. The acoustic clips for sale come in a variety of different composite materials, thicknesses, contours, and custom sizes.

You can choose from a variety of sound insulation clip products made of high-quality materials to add sealing protection to your room and prevent frequency reverberation, reflection and echo from flat walls.

We have various relevant products like soundproof clip, anti-vibration clip, sound insulation clip, shock absorption clip, building acoustic clip, structural sound isolation clip, ceiling sound insulation clip, wall sound insulation clip, noise control clips, noise reducing sound isolation clip and metal furring channel clip. Hope this article has helped you understand more about sound isolation clips. If you prepare to soundproofing your room, please contact us.



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