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GOFAI Sound Isolation Hangers For Ceiling System

For use in drop ceiling applications Made with resilient rubber to stop vibrations from traveling through the ceiling system. Three hanger options with varying load capacities. Recommended spacing: 16sf per clip (4 ft. on all sides between clips.) Red - 88 lbs Black - 110 lbs Blue - 200 lbs
  • A50R
  • rubber and steel

Product Description

sound Isolation Hanger sizeHow It Works

- - Sound Isolation Hangers are designed to support internal suspended ceiling grid systems while providing optimal acoustic isolation.  Noise and vibrations tend to be transmitted and amplified in drop or hung ceiling applications.  By using Isolation Hangers made with resilient rubber at regular intervals along the suspension system, sound waves are broken in their paths.

- - Rubber mounts differ from spring mounts since the natural frequency that results in its use is a function not only of the deflection but also of the rubber hardness.
- Hangers can be spaced up to 4 feet between each hanger (16 sf per clip).
- - Sound Isolation Hangers are designed to work with all hanger wire.  They can be installed into new or existing ceiling systems.  There are three product options with unique color coding to specify the load capacity of the hanger to maximize the performance of the ceiling system. 

- - The red one has a payload capacity of 88 lbs. The black one has a payload capacity of 110 lbsThe blue one has a payload capacity of 200 lbs  Noise absorption properties allow it to deflect 3/16" in accordance with US Standards, when properly installed, providing optimal isolation of tranferred noise.


Isolates the ceiling system from the structure to reduce structure-borne noise.

Easy installation into new or existing ceiling systems.

Made from Natural Rubber.

Works with all hanger wire.

Meets all standards and guidelines.

Does not reduce the load capacity of the ceiling system.

Three variants available with load capacities of 88 lbs. 110 lbs. and 200 lbs.

To complete your project, check out our Hat Channels which are suitable for drop ceiling applications.

installation of reslimount hanger

Installation Instructions:

When selecting hangers, it is recommended that the calculated mass of the ceiling system is increased by 10-20% to avoid overloading of the isolation element.  If maximum rated deflections are required, the ceiling system needs to be accurately weighed and point loads assessed in accordance with the architectural specifications of the project.

The site contractor can undertake normal installation procedures of the suspended ceiling system.  Once the hanging rod has been hung from the substrate, the lower end of the rod needs to be bent up in accordance with the ceiling system manufacturers specifications, providing a 'hook' on which the TMS Silent Brackets A50R can be hung.

Once the mount is in place, another section of hanging rod is required to be bent and inserted through the lower side of the TMS Silent Sound Isolation A50R.  The shaft of this rod then becomes the mounting point for the ceiling suspension clip.

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