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How to use u-boat floor floaters for sound isolation?

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Environmental complaints caused by poor sound insulation performance of floor slabs are increasing year by year around the world, so that government departments have made relevant requirements for sound insulation performance of floor slabs. In recent years, architects prefer to use floor joist isolators to construct floating floors to solve noise problems. After using floor joist isolators, even the most discerning residents will be satisfied with the sound insulation effect of the living environment.


Here is the content list:

l Why the sound insulation effect of floor joist isolators is remarkable?

l How to control the quality of floating floors with floor joist isolators?

l How to use floor joist isolators before and after floor installation?


Why the sound insulation effect of floor joist isolators is remarkable?

If the architect wants to design the room with sound insulation, then they will not ignore the use of the floor joist isolators. Although most of the sound transmission is through the walls, the noise from the ceiling and floor should not be underestimated. They all need to be decoupled with floor joist isolators to truly protect you from the spread of harmful noise.

The isolation of impact sound of floating floor is mainly through the performance and structure of floor joist isolators to consume vibration energy, reduce vibration transmission, and reduce noise.

Floor joist isolators can completely separate the floating floor from the rigid connection of the main building, effectively reduce the impact of vibration and impact sound of the floor itself, and have a good effect of isolating solid-borne sound.

This is why many buildings choose to place floor joist isolators between the structural frames to reduce the impact on the floor above. In the actual structure, floor joist isolators connecting members have an extremely significant impact on the sound insulation performance.


How to control the quality of floating floors with floor joist isolators?

The floor joist isolators floating floor system is a new technology. The construction unit should make a prototype, and the design unit and supervision unit should put forward the requirements for the acceptance of the floor joist isolators floating floor, and carry out the quality and indoor environmental parameter testing.

Based on the acceptance results and inspection results, the construction unit or the supervision unit decides whether the next step can be continued, otherwise, the floor joist isolators construction process should be adjusted and the model acceptance should be performed again. The quality supervision department shall supervise and spot check or sample the process of preparation and acceptance of floor joist isolators.


How to use floor joist isolators before and after floor installation?

The best installation time for floor joist isolators is during the initial construction, that is, when the joist is exposed and the subfloor has not yet been secured. At this time, the use of floor joist isolators can easily attenuate the impact and vibration.

If combined with the filling material, it can also directly absorb the sound transmitted by the air. The next best time to install floor joist isolators is when installing a new floor, it can be used with one or more layers of sound insulation materials.

l Before completing construction

If you are still in the process of floor design and construction, please consider installing floor joist isolators in the structural frame before tightening the subfloor. Floor joist isolators separate the joist from the actual floor and prevent the transmission of impact sound.

At the same time, it can absorb a certain amount of airborne noise, but it is best to be combined with filler materials such as sound insulation cotton.

l After completing construction

Even if the floor has been built, floor joist isolators will still not be useless. You can incorporate floor joist isolators into the second subfloor on top of the original floor. When used in this way, floor joist isolators are placed on the bottom of the joists that form the new floor.


Makers and architects of floor joist isolators must strive to promote technological progress and provide citizens with a comfortable living environment, and relevant departments must also implement relevant quality inspections. The floor joist isolators of QINGDAO GOFAI RUBBER & PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD have passed various international tests and have a number of honor certificates. Visitors are welcome to browse our website for more relevant floor joist isolators information.