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Is sound isolation clip resilient?

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The noise control clips are specifically designed to control airborne and structure vibrations in wall and ceiling applications. It aims to achieve the best isolation control and is designed for sensitive acoustic applications. It is made of galvanized stainless steel and silica gel, and has passed many international certifications. The resilience structure of noise reducing sound isolation clip helps to make decoupling more effective.


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l What problems are sound isolation clips born to solve?

l Where does the elastic performance of sound isolation clip come from?

l What are the unique characteristics of sound isolation clip?


What problems are sound isolation clips born to solve?

When considering the comfort of a multi-residential apartment, we usually consider the aesthetics of the design, the appearance and function of the space, and the types of furniture we decorate for the residence. The user only starts considering the sound isolation clip acoustic design of the apartment until encountering noise problems.

One of the most challenging aspects of acoustic sound isolation clip control in multiple residences is the elimination of sound transmission from adjacent apartments, including conversations, music, or just walking noise.

Because the sound from one space to another will produce vibration, if the wall, floor, ceiling assembly is poor in structure, the vibration level will be spread throughout the structure. Through the decoupling structure, the sound isolation clip greatly reduces the contact area and blocks the propagation channel, thereby reducing or isolating noise.


Where does the elastic performance of sound isolation clip come from?

The special silicone of sound isolation clip is the core of the product. The performance of silica gel is better than standard rubber because it has unique natural absorption characteristics and elasticity, and its service life is longer than any form of natural rubber.

Generally, the sound-insulating material is dense without pores or gaps, and does not have enough rebound capacity. It is also difficult to absorb and transmit sound energy, so its sound absorption performance is poor.

The silicone rubber sound isolation clip can use its elastic deformation to absorb the vibration from the building, extend the service life of the floor, and protect the safety of the residents.

In addition, the sound isolation clip reduces the percentage of the surface area in contact with the fixed structure or the substrate to prevent the vibration transmitted by the structure from being transmitted to the main body of mounting frame.


What are the unique characteristics of sound isolation clip?

The sound isolation clip provides support and sound insulation for floors, walls and soundproof ceilings. Noise reducing sound isolation clip can isolate the structures, thereby reducing noise transmission. There are many reasons for choosing sound isolation clip for sound isolation, but the features that most attract our customers' attention are roughly as follows.

l Unique design

The special silicone of sound isolation clip has an eye-catching iconic design, and its scientific structure makes it superior in performance to standard rubber molded products.

We designed a unique sound isolation clip to eliminate the sound short circuit between the room lining and the building structure, and to ensure that the components remain intact during transportation and installation.

l Cost-effective

If you are looking for sound isolation clip but have found nothing, maybe our product is just what you want. Our sound isolation clip is designed for the best performance, using high-quality materials and complying with strict international standard quality management systems.

In addition to the competitive price, the sound isolation clip design is also easy to install, which can save on-site time and money for installers.

l Technical support

The birth of sound isolation clip is supported by an experienced technical team. It has been tested in the laboratory environment and the actual environment to continuously overcome challenges. In addition, we can also provide qualified opinions and acoustic suggestions for your project.


QINGDAO GOFAI RUBBER & PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD is honored to provide noise control clips solutions for multi-residential buildings and become a partner of many developers. We hope that more architects, engineers and related practitioners will talk to our noise reducing sound isolation clip technical team and work together to improve the comfort and livability of high-rise building structures. Whether you want to buy ceiling sound isolation clip or discuss technical issues with us, we are always welcome you.