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Why is it important to use sound isolation clip?

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Why is it important to use sound isolation clip?

There are many different laws that affect the way you soundproof your home, including local noise pollution laws.

We are going to introduce why is it important to use sound isolation clip.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Noise pollution

Means to reduce noise?

Use sound isolation clips


(1)    Noise pollution

Noise pollution, also known as environmental noise or sound pollution, refers to the spread of noise, which has varying degrees of impact on the life activities of humans or animals, most of which cause harm to the human body to a certain degree. Outdoor noise sources worldwide are mainly caused by machinery, transportation and propagation systems. Poor urban planning can cause noise decomposition or pollution, and side-by-side industrial and residential buildings can cause noise pollution in residential areas. Some of the main noise sources in residential areas include loud music, traffic (traffic, railways, airplanes, etc.), lawn care and maintenance, buildings, generators, explosives, and people.

Today, the average noise level is 98 decibels (dB), which exceeds the 50 dB WHO value allowed in residential areas. Studies have shown that noise pollution is the highest in low-income and minority communities, and noise pollution related to household generators is an emerging environmental degradation problem in many developing countries.

High noise levels may cause harm to human cardiovascular diseases and increase the incidence of coronary heart disease. In animals, noise can increase the risk of death by changing the detection and avoidance of predators or prey, interfere with reproduction and navigation, and cause permanent hearing loss.

According to the World Health Organization, although the elderly may cause heart disease due to noise, children are particularly susceptible to noise, and the effects of noise on children may be permanent. Noise poses a serious threat to children's physical and mental health, and may have a negative impact on children's learning and behavior.


(2)    Means to reduce noise

The principle of reducing noise by modifying paths is applicable to changes in direct and indirect noise paths. Noise that propagates through reflective surfaces (such as smooth floors) can be dangerous. Channel changes include physical materials (such as foam) that absorb sound and walls to provide a sound insulation layer, thereby modifying the existing system to reduce harmful noise. It can also design soundproof enclosures and isolation rooms for loud equipment, from which workers can isolate the equipment. These methods can prevent sound from spreading along the path to staff or other audiences.


(3)    Use sound isolation clips?

Since sound pollution can cause many problems, the use of soundproof clips and other related products has become very important. We have various relevant products like soundproof clip, anti-vibration clip, sound insulation clip, shock absorption clip, building acoustic clip, structural sound isolation clip, ceiling sound insulation clip, wall sound insulation clip, noise control clips, noise reducing sound isolation clip and metal furring channel clip.


Hope this article has helped you understand more about danger of noise pollution and the importance of using sound isolation clips. If you prepare to soundproofing your room, please contact us.



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