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Gimbal Damper Rubber for Drone Gimbal

  • GF-304


  • 401699

  • silicone rubber

Product Description

Qingdao Gofai Rubber is a leading manufacture of the rubber products. 

We specializing in the production of AV balls and aerial camera pan/tilt damping balls, they are mainly used to eliminate high-frequency vibrations of different frequencies generated by the aircraft during flight, which is what we commonly call jitter. The picture quality caused by jitter is unsatisfactory, so It is especially important to reduce the vibration phenomenon during shooting. This ball should be used in conjunction with a vibration damping frame or a vibration damping plate!

Very good shock-absorbing ball, reasonable design, like a spindle spring, up and down displacement can be 6-7mm, basically continuous compression, no sudden changes.

Product Description:

1. A single load bearing weight of 100g, a single resonance elimination ratio: 170Khz vibration absorption 90%, 120Khz absorption 82%, 85Khz absorption 60%;

2. Two load-bearing weights of 150g, two resonance elimination ratios: 170khz vibration absorption 88%, 120Khz absorption 88%, 85Khz absorption 78%;

The reference of the mounting hole is the diameter of 9mm round hole suspension ball, the thickest part is straight through 17mm

For more details, please contact with Ms.Kathy Zhao


anti vibration rubber pads (5)rubber feet (10)gimbal damper rubber (2)gimbal damper rubber (3)

Flight control board shock absorber for APM2.5 2.6 2.8 pix for PIXHAWK vibration damper plate Damping 1.5mm fiberglass board

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAV/RPV/RPVs and Targets/Target Drone/SUAV/UCAV/TUAV

Flight control board shock absorber for APM2.5 2.6 2.8 pix for PIXHAWK vibration damper plate Damping 1.5mm fiberglass board

rubber damper anti vibration for carbon fiber 2mm flight control damping board drone autopilot shock absorption board

rubber feet for Factory direct 3K carbon fiber board high precision drone lens camera protection frame

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