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Hemispherical Sound Dampening Cabinet Door Silicone Bumper Pads

- Strong Self Adhesive VHB (Very High Bond) acrylic backing which will stick to any clean/dry surface. For best result clean surface with low strength solvent. - Ideal for flat unified surface such as glass, metal, wood, smooth plaster, tile, etc. - Not suitable for fabric, coarse concrete walls, rough sand finishes, loose paint or rough wallpaper. - To apply, simply peal of protective liner from back of the bumper. Avoid touching adhesive with fingers. Place bumper to desired spot and press firmly. - Protects against the sharp edges of drilled or punched holes for wiring, cable, tubing, piping, hoses, rope and more. USED in appliances, motors, tools, cars, trucks, trailers, electronic equipment, toys, bikes, RVs, boats, pumps, furniture, crafts and more.
  • Silicone


  • GF-HSR

  • Silicone rubber

Product Description

Hemispherical self-adhesive pad (29)

Hemispherical Sound Dampening Cabinet Door Silicone Bumper Pads

【SOFT CLOSING & NOISE-DAMPENING】-- Rubber bumper pads help to reduce the noise caused by a closing cabinet door. Place these clear rubber bumpers on cabinets drawers doors, lamps or anywhere on furniture. Say goodbye to noise-tolerant days.

【SURFACE PROTECTING】-- Furniture Pads can protect your furniture from wear and tear. Stick these surface guards bottoms of boxes, vases and other trinkets and gadgets that sit on tables or counters made of glass, wood, marble or any other material you do not want to damage or scratch.

【STRONG SELF-ADHESIVE】-- Easy to use with the built in self adhesive that easily sticks to tables, desks, banisters, cabinets or any other furniture that needs cushioning or sound dampening. Rubber stickers are suitable for a wide range of surfaces, such as glass, ceramics plastics, metals, etc.

【DOUBLE BUFFER, TRANSPARENT DESIGN】-- The special double buffer circular dot-shaped has a better buffer effect. These clear rubber bumpers will be nearly invisible once applied, and won't affect the aesthetics of the furniture.

【WIDE APPLICATIONS】Except for doors cabinets and drawers, they're also great as "feet" for keyboards, appliances, etc as they are soft and silicon'y enough to be anti-slip. Even great for putting it under decoration pieces for protection.

Hemispherical self-adhesive pad (25)
Hemispherical self-adhesive pad (23)
Hemispherical self-adhesive pad (17)
Hemispherical self-adhesive pad (6)


Hemispherical self-adhesive pad (26)

Use of self adhesive rubber bumper pad

Comfortable thickness: Just right, too high or too low is not perfect. Too high will lead to the pads too hard, too low can not protect the floor. The thickness of our product is just right, very suitable for your all furniture.

Application: Our rubber grip furniture pads for hardwood floor are perfect for any type of furniture, sofa, bed, recliner, table, dining chairs, couch, bed frames, etc. They Create strong and careful shield for all types of Your lovely floor, keep all furniture in place, help protect surface from scratches and scuffs, minimize scratching and the grating noise.

Note: Tenacious adhesive guaranteed you can easy stick it to any furniture surface and be sure it will hold on and protect for a long time. Non slip furniture pads are not easy to fall off after 24 hours of sticking to the furniture surface, the longer the better.


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