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Soft Rubber Buckle And Elastic Ear Strap Adjustable Buckle for Mask Rope

Mask adjustment buckle Plastic silicone plug buckle
Soft rubber elastic ear strap rope mask buckle
PVC soft rubber thread mask adjustment buckle
PM2.5 mask ear strap rope elastic adjustment buckle
  • GF-120


  • 401699

  • silicone rubber/PVC

Product Description

Qingdao Gofai Rubber produce various rubber products. 

Rubber buckle:

1. Product name: Threaded elastic adjustment buckle

2. Size range: 0.3mm-100mm.

3. Range of hardness: Shore hardness 30-80A.

4. Special-shaped rubber strips: According to customer needs, different shapes can be customized.

5. Dimensional tolerance: the normal size is +/-0.1mm, and some dimensional tolerances can be +/-0.05mm.

6. Temperature resistance range: from -40℃ to 220℃, 380℃ high temperature resistance can be customized specially.

7. Value-added services: The surface can be glued, cut, LOGO added, and surface treated according to customer needs.

8. Product certificate: SGS, ROHS, FDA and other related food medical inspection reports, tasteless.

9. Product performance: It is extruded with imported pure silicone rubber raw materials. The nozzle is round, not flat, small in deformation, less precipitates, precise wall thickness uniformity, stable chemical properties, good reagent resistance, and weak acid resistance Some imported materials have passed the biocompatibility cytotoxicity test standards for weak alkalis, chemical reagents, liquid chemicals, alcohol, etc.

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