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Special Shape Clear Sound Insulation Cabinet Door Self-Adhesive Bumper Foot Pad

Feature: Self adhesive and non-slip Multifunction Self Adhesive Transparent Anti Collision Pads. Material: synthetic resin, durable and tough with strong adhesive. It can effectively reduce noisy from toilet seat cover, cupboard and others and reduce impact force. When used, cut off the crash particles and then stick it on transfer sticker. Suitable for cabinet doors, drawers, glass, wardrobe, sliding door, wall cabinet etc. The color, size, logo can be customized
  • Silicone
  • Silicone rubber

Product Description

Clear Self-Adhesive Pad (33)

Special Shape Clear Sound Insulation Cabinet Door Self-Adhesive Bumper Foot Pad

SIZE: Door bumper is hemispherical in shape, each measures 13mm in diameter, 5.5mm thickness.

NOISE DAMPENING NON-SKID BUMPER: This cabinet bumper works best for softening cabinet doors from slamming and reduce loud noise. The self-adhesive furniture bumper is also great for anything where you need a non-skid pad to reduce sliding on any surfaces such as glass, plastic, ceramic, wood, etc.

SOFT MATERIAL: Made of premium clear silicone, our door bumper is soft. Because of its transparent color, you can stick our furniture bumper onto the bottoms, doors, backs on furniture to add protection without compromising your interior design.

WIDE USAGES: Use cabinet bumper to reduce scratches, surface damage from bumping, wear and prolonging the life of the furniture. Our door bumper with self adhesive backing is easy to use, it sticks to tables, desks, banisters, cabinets or any other furniture that needs cushioning or sound dampening. Sticks well to glass, metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, granite and more!

Special Adhesive Pad
Clear Self-Adhesive Pad (24)

Special Shape Adhesive Pad1

Clear Self-Adhesive Pad (35)

Clear Self-Adhesive Pad (41)Use of self adhesive rubber bumper pad

· The clear and durable self-adhesive door handle bumper pad is made of a soft rubber-like material for stability.Easy to paste on cabinet doors, tables, desks, drawers, or any other household furniture that needs cushioning and protection from breakage.

· These bumpers are self-adhesive in design and easy to install.It protects the surface from damage and also makes noise.Rubber bumpers protect surfaces from scratches and help keep objects in place.

· It has many USES, such as sticking it to the bottom of vases, candles and chairs to protect furniture surfaces from scratches or toppling over.Place these cushions on drawers, cupboards, doors and walls to reduce noise caused by fixed activities in each home.

· Use these pads to protect precious hardwood and furniture surfaces.The transparent color will blend with any decoration.Bumpers can be used to secure objects such as electronics, lights, photo frames, and protect your furniture and walls.Rubber cushion provides anti-skid and anti-scratch protection against wear and tear, and provides vibration, shock and noise reduction buffer.

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